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How Online video advertising is engaging consumers

As consumers go online to watch their favourite TV show.. so do the marketers.

As you read this blog, there is a pretty strong chance the next tab to the right is titled “Watch Gossip Girl”, ” Weekend AFL Grand Final Highlights” or something similar, the point being here, as we as consumers have changed our viewing behaviours and will continue to do so, Yahoo and Channel 7’s product “Plus 7” can now not only be found online but also on consumers PS3 consoles (not to mention ABC iView also available). Therefore you like myself are now watching TV online either through streaming websites such as Plus 7 or Foxtel’s OnDemand system or downloading full episodes (legally..), the benefits of this are endless for the consumer less ad’s (for the time being) and freedom to watch at a time that suits us, so as marketers how do they respond to this? After all they have spent millions upon millions on traditional Television Commercials (TVC), read on to see how the marketers are adapting to and embracing this trend.

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Viral marketing can be a scream for marketers… and consumers

Images like these are keeping the consumers interest and anticipation..

Videos, trends, emails and funny images, daily our inboxes, facebook and twitter feeds are filled up with these internet phenomena’s that have gone viral, whether it be baby charlie biting his brothers finger or the old spice commercial…wait as second the old spice commercial? Correct, more and more internet users are virally (on line word of mouth) passing on marketers messages over the internet world-wide through smart e-marketing campaigns of the e-smart marketers.

The article in focus from Chris Richardson of webpronews shows us big companies (such as the INTERACTIVE youtube viral campaign by Tipp-Ex) are not the only ones using viral marketing, hollywood too is using the internet to promote, create interest, hype, anticipation and screams (#scream4), for their consumers, the article in focus is Paranormal Activity 3 turns to Twitter to create buzz’  via webpronews.com.

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Advertise yourself with…Social Media?

Many employer's will google job canidates finding their facebook...Twitter...Google +... and even myspace!

A recent mashable article by Marc Hoag takes a different point of view of e-marketing, that of the individual, the article ‘5 social media tips for scoring your next job‘, details the importance social media users (all of us!) must place on marketing themselves positively to perspective employees through social media. Another issue that will be discussed throughout this blog will be the e-resume (that is, digital resume’s) with reference to the modern history of the Resume’ by Erica Swallow.

So how high if your online credibility? Is your facebook private? Do you have scantly clad model pictures on your myspace (you would be surprised)? IF so and even if you think your profiles are employer proof, this blog will aim to give you tips of how to market yourself to perspective employers.

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