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Online paid subscriptions – The Future Newspaper….

News? How do you get yours? For the majority of our parents lives they have read the newspaper over breakfast, something they still do to this day and have the age and the australian on our door steps every morning though subscription, I must admit I also do to, although I generally have already read the articles of interest the night before online after midnight, I am sure I am not the only one in this boat, and if this trend continues of people getting their news online (which it will), we will be seeing a change in our online content available for free, because after all this news outlets are in the business to make money. The article chosen which relates to this marketing strategy of moving to the online format full time comes from ‘The Wall Street Journal’ via “The weekend Australian and is titles  “NYT to charge for web access” by Russell Adams, and gives the example of one of the worlds biggest news papers being The New York Times, leading the way in the new marketing strategy.

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