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Advertise yourself with…Social Media?

Many employer's will google job canidates finding their facebook...Twitter...Google +... and even myspace!

A recent mashable article by Marc Hoag¬†takes a different point of view of e-marketing, that of the individual, the article ‘5 social media tips for scoring your next job‘, details the importance social media users (all of us!) must place on marketing themselves positively to perspective employees through social media. Another issue that will be discussed throughout this blog will be the e-resume (that is, digital resume’s) with reference to the modern history of the Resume’¬†by Erica Swallow.

So how high if your online credibility? Is your facebook private? Do you have scantly clad model pictures on your myspace (you would be surprised)? IF so and even if you think your profiles are employer proof, this blog will aim to give you tips of how to market yourself to perspective employers.

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