Viral marketing can be a scream for marketers… and consumers

Images like these are keeping the consumers interest and anticipation..

Videos, trends, emails and funny images, daily our inboxes, facebook and twitter feeds are filled up with these internet phenomena’s that have gone viral, whether it be baby charlie biting his brothers finger or the old spice commercial…wait as second the old spice commercial? Correct, more and more internet users are virally (on line word of mouth) passing on marketers messages over the internet world-wide through smart e-marketing campaigns of the e-smart marketers.

The article in focus from Chris Richardson of webpronews shows us big companies (such as the INTERACTIVE youtube viral campaign by Tipp-Ex) are not the only ones using viral marketing, hollywood too is using the internet to promote, create interest, hype, anticipation and screams (#scream4), for their consumers, the article in focus is Paranormal Activity 3 turns to Twitter to create buzz’  via

The movie that has most recently tried it’s hand in viral marketing is the upcoming horror movie Paranormal Activity 3, the studio’s (Paramount) campaign was kicked off when they sent several news outlets 2 VCR tapes with spine tingling clips from the upcoming film, which can be found here, via This tiny grabs which will put chills through the viewers where quickly uploaded online, this is where the viral campaign really kicked off, as through various viral networks such as twitter (#TweetYourScream) consumers started watching these videos.

Parmount’s twitter marketing with the above promoted hashtag (#TweetYourScream) now gaining momentum, started taking shape, through the hashtag as well as a purposely set up account @TweetYourScream, Paramount studio started running a competition to ‘See Paranormal Activity 3 first’. The concept is simple (which is key) and very effective, esstentially the tweets look something like this “Tweet to see it First! Bring Paranormal Activity 3 to your city early. #ParanormalActivity #Melbourne Vote:” and are simply done through the paranormal activity website by selecting your city (I don’t think Melbourne’s much of a chance as it is world wide), the idea being the top 20 cities based upon the most number of above tweets from the city (#Melbourne) get to see the new film 3 days before anyone else, needless to say  this is creating great competition between cities…and more importantly massive coverage world wide for the new film, which is essentially the idea behind viral marketing, talk about creating demand for your product… this blogger is very impressed.

Paramount have almost perfectly executed a viral marketing campaign and in doing so have created great buzz for their upcoming film, I have no doubt their e-marketing efforts will be reflected with successful box office numbers. Their campaign has videos, which excite the consumer which leaves them wanting more (as the video’s are short) which creates anticipation for the upcoming film (which is vital for any marketing campaign advertising film), the viral efforts also contains savvy social media, which creates interaction with the consumer, another big plus, interaction means an engaged consumer. Finally their viral efforts also contain a free competition something consumers not only want to be a part of, but in doing so are creating huge coverage for the movie as the cities such as #Melbourne or #LA hashtags are creating extension hashtags (Eg #Melbourne will appeal in the timeline for everyone who searches Melbourne on Twiier), thus creating even more consumer awareness for paranormal activity 3.

So what do you think? Do you want to see paranormal activity 3? After viewing their viral marketing efforts?

Don’t forget to #TweetYourScream …

– Devlin


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