Now targeting….facebook

Facebook is a place to connect with friends, ironically Facebook itself can be the best friend of brands and specifically marketers world wide, if used properly.

Facebook already has a highly targeted tailored marketing system in place for brands and marketers alike, that is, brands are able to tailor their marketing to their exact demographic segment based upon specific Facebook variables such as sex, marital status, college attended, geographic region and page interests. This however is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effectiveness Facebook can have on your brand and there are much more effective ways to market your brand on Facebook then a tiny ad on the right hand side of a facebook page under the title “sponsored”.

So how does the marketer utilize Facebook to its competitive advantage? According to a recent Lauren Indvik article on mashable on How to market on facebook, engaging and entertaining your consumer, amongst other things is key.

The article suggests first and foremost that Facebook marketing is cheap, effective, now more relevant then ever and is essentially based upon word-of-mouth, of the viral kind. The first step in the right direction of successfully marketing on Facebook is the brand creating a public page, which consumers (those on facebook, who isn’t…) can like, now anyone can do this, in fact you don’t even have to have an existing personal facebook account, but if you do it’s easy to switch between the public page and your private profile, setting up an initial page takes minutes, which then allows you to invite your friends, which is suggested to get consumers knowledge that your brand now has a Facebook page, however in order to grow your brands public page – content, relevance, creativeness and entertainment are key.

To further build your brands public page like Coca-Cola has you will want to engage your customer through interesting, entertaining and current status updates, photos and other content, such as polls, which lets the “fans” (who are the consumers) interact with the brand and the friends of the fans can see if their friend voted in a poll, in turn giving your page (brand!!) even more coverage..some people have 1000’s of (facebook) friends your know! The focus of the polls and content should be on engaging the customer not on the current sales, this means giving them good information as well as listening to them, this is particularly important for retailers, as it gives the consumers a voice of what they like and what is not interesting or needed, this should help the marketer evolved your facebook page.

It is also important to keep the content fresh, update often and make the posts count, another innovative way to gain fans is exactly that, be innovative in the way you promote your brand take quiksilver’s facebook pages innovative page pictured below for example, the landing page recognizes the consumers whereabouts and tells them where the closest quiksilver retailers are, this is helpful, interesting and innovative.


What do you think? Have you noticed brands popping up with official facebook pages more and more? Are you like me more likely to be engaged and therefore purchase from a brand who has rich and entertaining online content, including their facebook?

– Devlin



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3 thoughts on “Now targeting….facebook

  1. black1396 says:

    This is a very interesting article. I agree with your opinion Dev. There are so many benefits that can be taken from Facebook. This social media is very helpful to promote a product or service that is owned by a company. In addition, a company will easily to detect who their target market and communicate directly with them. Feedback from customers will be useful to understand what customers’ desires and what customers’ complains which can generate new strategies to create customers satisfaction in the future.

    The main point is a company can promote their products or services for free. I think Facebook is a good media to create brand awareness, attract more customers, also can generate viral marketing faster than traditional marketing.

    Thanks for sharing information Dev.



  2. deecsmiles says:

    Thanks for the feedback Dino – Yes facebook like all social media has so much potential for all companies if done properly and it is not going away in a hurry! It’s vital companies embrace this trend to stay competitive…!
    If you are interested I have previously blogged about how we as individuals can market ourselves through social media, have a read if you have the time!

  3. Hi Devlin, I like how you analysis the current branding strategy by using social media to increase the brand/company awareness. Since there are significant increased members on Facebook, companies noticed the power of social media which can help its advertisement and the most important factors are the low cost and high speed!
    But since there are some news about the privacy issue of Facebook, although it was more about personal information or photos kind of thing, I still wonder if it might effect the company social media branding strategy, even when it doesn’t seems to be bad to any company so far.
    Thank you for the posting, very interesting and educated.

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