Advertise yourself with…Social Media?

Many employer's will google job canidates finding their facebook...Twitter...Google +... and even myspace!

A recent mashable article by Marc Hoag takes a different point of view of e-marketing, that of the individual, the article ‘5 social media tips for scoring your next job‘, details the importance social media users (all of us!) must place on marketing themselves positively to perspective employees through social media. Another issue that will be discussed throughout this blog will be the e-resume (that is, digital resume’s) with reference to the modern history of the Resume’ by Erica Swallow.

So how high if your online credibility? Is your facebook private? Do you have scantly clad model pictures on your myspace (you would be surprised)? IF so and even if you think your profiles are employer proof, this blog will aim to give you tips of how to market yourself to perspective employers.

Hoag points out in his article that a recent study (worth a read) suggests 90% of potential employers will google you before they recruit you, 90%… that’s a lot, do me a favour, google yourself now…. Few surprises? Was your facebook the first result? Twitter was mine, which I quickly in sure I hadn’t tweeted anything that could be seen as inappropriate by anyone, needless to say a few tweets were deleted (I’m sure they still exist somewhere!), if your google search resulted in some unflattering results (even if it didn’t), please read on to discover there is a way to connect positively with your most important consumers (employers).

Keep in mind a massive 70% of those recruiters in the aforementioned study had rejected candidates based upon information they found on individual’s online, don’t be scared by this staggering figure, this is an opportunity for you to market yourself and standout from the growing crowd with some simple tips within this blog.

First and foremost Hoag suggests to ‘keep your profile clean’, this seems obvious from the outside, however look at your facebook news feed, see that guy ranting about the umpires with numerous expletives or girl sending a message to her ex-boyfriend via twitter, don’t be that person!! Remember everything you do online is recorded and will comeback to bite you, this also goes for profile pictures try to refrain from having the potentially employers first impression of you drinking out of a ‘beer bong’.

Learn from Charlie's mistakes

Hoag goes on to note that it is also important you keep your personality within your social media, which is vital, as the employers want someone who does have a personality, they want to see you are social and have relationships and opinions, however it’s easy to do it without all the cussing and drunk photos, an easy rule of thumb with status updates is would you say it to your grandma – works for me.

It is also suggested that you ‘spread yourself around’, therefore take these rules accross different social media’s, Hoag suggests Twitter and Facebook is not enough, and at a bare minimum you should also have LinkedIn, and even better if you have Google+ as well (and lets not forget WordPress), why is this? Well it comes back to e-marketing, by having more accounts with social media’s you are building great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the product… You!

The next and perhaps most vital point is also based around marketing and that is selecting your target market and targeting your message, Hoag notes it is vital that when the employer types in your name into Google and hits search, the first few results are hand crafted by you, this may even include a digital resume as Erica Swallow’s article outlines such as a video resume similar to the one below. Wouldn’t you rather perspective employees found this online? The point here being make sure you want the employers to see your product because it is strongly targeted toward them and you know it will have a positively result in the recruiting process.

Finally it is vital that through your social media once followed the above steps you interact with the company you wish to work with through social media, whether it’s liking their page on facebook, connecting with them on LinkedIn or asking them @questions on twitter. This not only gives you news on the company but it also shows the employers you have genuine interest in working for them, with that in mind, your new and improved online presence/credibility and interactive video resume… It won’t be long until you hear those 2 words… Your Hired!

Oh and if you want more proof or just a laugh… check out Christina Warren’s article via mashable on ’10 people who lost their jobs through social media’!

– Devlin




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One thought on “Advertise yourself with…Social Media?

  1. Mr Ford says:

    Great article but remember charlie has more twitter followers that most and a new job paying him more than the last one!

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